The Work

Continuing education is important for all industries. In this example, physicians have an opportunity to learn from real world examples that were adapted for video.
An innovative approach to press releases that helps grab attention and create retention. Combine video, animation, graphics and interviews to make the most of your message.
Shorter video is a great way to have your audience learn from professionals in concentrated bites of information. These have been used on company websites and social media to attract and educate audiences.
A great way to create an interactive experience for your audience. This is a sample of a similar piece that was adapted for sales and medical education. In this example, we show you how audio, video, 3D images and standard text can bring your initiative to life. To find out how we can adapt the iBook to your needs please Contact Us.
A visually pleasing demonstration of the scientific poster that can be used to attract attendees to your poster or become part of an interactive session where the user chooses the journey.
This mechanism of disease was developed for the exhibit booth as well as field force to show the impact of Lymphoma.
Working with a team of medical professionals at Blue Ocean Pharma we were able to create 3D animation that showed Mechanism of disease and Mechanism of Action for major pharmaceutical companies.
Meeting openers are a great way to kick of a live meeting or a video series. In this example we prepared the audience and built excitement for the presenters they were about to hear.
Developed with purpose to target your audience whether that’s your sales team or a potential customer.
Taking footage that has already been shot with other intent can always be a challenge. This was a re-edit of a non profit piece. Our goal was to clean up the existing footage and edit with a new message in mind.

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